Humanism and ethics in social work : 7th National Congress of Social Work with international participation

16 -18 October 2019, Terme Vivat, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia

Faculty of social work, University of Ljubljana in cooperation with the Slovenian Association of social workers

The 7th national Congress of social work continues the tradition of individual and group analyses of social problems undertaken by academics, professionals in social care, social welfare providers, students, and service users. The times we live in call for decisive thinking about the future of humanism in organised human communities, and social problems in local, regional and global perspectives. Environment devastation, global migrations, precarisation, new forms of dehumanisation, and towering social inequalities, coupled with armed conflicts, political disputes, increasingly aggravate the themes of poverty, social exclusion and various forms of violence. Also increasing are media attacks on the institution of social work that seek to cast doubts on the social state, and attempts instrumentalisation of social work in the hands of power. All these developments concern us all, but most notably the users of social work services. What do humanism and ethics stand for in the social services, and how do we assure good treatment to all social work service users? How can we develop green social work and strengthen the autonomy of social work?

The national conference is an opportunity to deepen our theoretical and practical knowledge, to facilitate international exchange, to forge professional and personal ties in order to strengthen the international community of social workers and social service workforce.  

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Honorary sponsors of the conference: Romani Union of Slovenia and the Roma Academic Society

Programme executive board:

For the FSW, Univ. of Ljubljana: Dr. Sonja Bezjak; Dr. Milko Poštrak; Dr. Liljana Rihter; Dr. Irena Šumi; Dr. Darja Zaviršek, president; Dr. Jelka Zorn

For the Social Chamber of Slovenia; Vilko Kolbl

For the Association of Centres for Social Work of Slovenia: Darja Korva

For the Society of Social Workers of Slovenia: Francka Premzl; Eva Šinkovec

For the Union of Social Institutions of Slovenia: Mateja Škrinjar

For the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of Slovenia: Sonja Robnik; Janja Romih

For the Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia: Jasmina Rosič

Central themes of the congress:

  • Social work and the state vs. social work as state: questions of ethics
  • Social work and the media
  • Global challenges: green social work, social work and political conflict, global migrations in the light of humanism
  • Poverty, precarisation and social exclusion in Slovenia: towards an ethical and humanist stance
  • Social work and extremism in the light of international standards of ethics in social work
  • Social work practice: international comparisons
  • Research in social work

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